Focus <transcy>Almeria mask</transcy>
Focus <transcy>Almeria mask</transcy>

Almeria mask


Mask made in Almería print. It has two layers of fabric, on the outside, the printed fabric is 100% cotton. The inner fabric is certified with a filtration efficiency of 95% . The tests that have been carried out on this fabric have been carried out in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 05 standards.

Meets the established requirements in terms of comfort.

It complies with the European directive for medical devices.

It is equivalent to FFTP-2.

Care: Filtration capacity lasts 85 washes . It should be washed in cold water . Do not use bleach. Washing time: 10 minutes.

We have two sizes available: Man and Woman. The men's size is the same shape, only slightly larger.

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